If you knew my friend, Santino Nyang you would insist on donating

11 Dec

.  To help people know Santino and understand why I am avidly helping him raise money to bring his 2 young children to Phoenix and help him bring his wife here I provide the below information and links to various programs and publications he has been featured in.  An immigration law attorney willing to help with his wife, pro-bono (or at a greatly reduced fee) would be a blessing.


            Santino is going to North Africa early January, so knowing what he can do to help with his wife’s documents and immigration paperwork in advance of his going would help him gather all he needs while he is there.  I know documents he will need to bring his children back here will be the authorization from his wife to allow them to leave the country with him – notarized, of course.  He has the U.S. passport for his son and will immediately apply for his daughter at the U.S. Embassy in Uganda when he arrives.  Each of the below videos is 3 minutes or less.


http://www.fox10phoenix.com/arizona-news/26915788-story    — Fox 10 Phoenix – September 30 at 5:30pm


http://www.12news.com/story/news/local/valley/2015/10/04/phoenix-lost-boy-looks-bring-wife-kids-states/73360448/   — Channel 12 October 4 at 10:00pm



THREE (3) ways to donate to help Santino Nyang bring his wife and 2 young children to the safety of Phoenix from N. Africa — He was on KXXT 1010 AM radio station Christian Radio December 7 4:00pm – 5:00pm on Life Matters Today with Roslyn Williams. 


1) http://www.gofundme.com/stqzsk >>>> Santino’s brief bio (including how he now has a wife and 2 young children in N. Africa. is below the video here …


2) Tax-Deductible donation = Each check should designate the funds are “For – Bring Santino’s Children to America” – so that the funds get passed through to him.   Either through PayPal on their web site … or a Merchant Account by calling Helps Resource Center at = 208.402.8822  =     http://www.helpsresourcecenter.com/

Helps Resource Center – 119 S. Valley Dr. – Suite PMB 234 Nampa, ID, 83686


3) Stop in at Fry’s Food … 40th St. & Thunderbird in NE Phoenix most mornings and hand your donation directly to Santino for him to deposit in his savings account set up for this purpose.


KTAR Radio – Phoenix

‘Lost Boy’ builds new life in Arizona, plans to reunite his family A former “Lost Boy” of Sudan has built a life for himself in Arizona and now is determined to bring his wife and children here. http://ktar.com/…/former-lost-boy-builds-new-life-in-arizo…/ `

`Even Paradise Valley Community College is helping Santino http://nevalleynews.org/…/lost-boy-of-sudan-seeks-to-bring…/ … they had a fundraiser December 8 and raised nearly $300 for him.


John Chandler …… 602.482.0017 …… johnc@chandlersearch.net


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