MORTGAGE = Branches and LO’s ~~ Stagnate or GROW – my client will help you grow

13 Nov

With a broader loan portfolio and more flexicle underwriting you can originate more and close more  loans to help you earn a lot more in 2016 starting NOW ~~~~~~~

    New Home Construction (1x and 2x close) Loans with a dedicated department of processors and U/W’s to handle only those loans … Manufactured Housing Loans … Reverse Mortgages … MUCH, MUCH MORE … You do not have to turn away potential borrowers because of a limited loan portfolio … More flexible underwriting means more closed loans …


Don’t look back — you aren’t going that way –


Motivated, driven LO’s should talk with me … what do they have to lose?

My client empowers their branches and loan originators by providing them with the tools they need to compete in today’s market. The tools and resources you need are backed by a staff of highly experienced professionals in all areas including management, underwriting, closing, funding, insuring, information technology, servicing, and secondary marketing.

Purchased an FDIC bank for multi- state lending and additional products

We have a long history of creating and offering innovative, “niche” products. With our product offering, you can quickly become known in your market for providing quality loan products that have been abandoned by other mortgage companies.

  • 1 & 2 time close (site built, manufactured and modular) – with a department handling ONLY construction loans
  • FHA 203k streamline with in-house support
  • Full 203k
  • Manufactured housing
  • FHA, and VA minimal overlays
  • USDA
  • Minimal overlays on AUS approvals
  • And everything else you would expect, FHA/FNMA/VA/USDA
  • In house processing, underwriting and closing – Loan Originators are freed up to originate!
  • In house marketing support, including CRM and social media marketing!The ability to offer these products not only gives you a different line of business to pursue, it opens doors to entirely new partnerships with Realtors and builders.  You gain additional referral sources
  • If you know someone, we should talk today ——

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