What MANY Doctors do when their patients can’t afford their prescription meds

10 Nov

Mail Order Meds (MOM) has been delivering Prescription Meds to people directly from the manufacturer to their door since 2003 at a savings of 40% – 80% … you may save, too.


Skepticism abounds, and rightly so, but this is 100% for real. The 40% – 80% savings on prescription meds is REAL and those you know can benefit, too.

To find out what your savings would be, all you need to do is:

Phone = 614.584.3643 = M-F 8am – 6pm Eastern — and —

Use the = Discount Code <><><> 112882. <><><>

Mention my name to get $10 off of your first 90-day order.

Rick Tresnak, MBA, CCP 1st

Owner of Innovative Rescue Solutions and PGX Solutions

” Thanks John My Dad saved $400 a month. Her is in the donut hole. This really helped. Got the meds in 8 days. He may switch to this method all year. “

John Chandler


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