Toxicology tests are not all the same …. do you need to do quantitative testing?

3 Nov

How accurate is your company’s Drug Screening program?

          MOST fall short. 

           Most are simply basic 6-panel tests that do not detect latent metabolic drugs in the system, like methamphetamines.


            Drug users talk among themselves about how to beat the system and what drugs they can take that most screenings do not detect.  Our 80-panel tests identify dangerous drugs in the person’s system that 6-panel tests miss.  What does it cost your company to do a test that is less than 10% effective in detecting drugs in your employees?  Is it worth the risk to your other employees, your customers and your company to cut corners here? 


            If you are not doing the full testing, why bother with any at all?


            Let’s talk about how our comprehensive Toxicology Screening can benefit you and your company.



Most respectfully,

John Chandler



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