DRAMATIC SAVINGS on Prescription Meds of 40% – 80%

27 Oct

Shipped directly from the manufacturer ….


Do you know someone who can’t afford their Prescription Meds? –

Since 2003 Mail Order Meds has helped – no more choosing between eating or taking life-saving meds



SEE THE TESTIMONIAL NEAR THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST ….. Skepticism abounds, and rightly so, but this is 100% for real.  The 40% – 80% savings on prescription meds is REAL and those you know can benefit, too. 


            To find out what savings would be, all anyone need to do is:

Phone = 614.584.3643 = M-F 8am – 6pm Eastern — and —

Use the = Discount Code <><><>  112882.  <><><>

Mention my name to get $10 off of your first 90-day order. = John Chandler


Rick Tresnak, MBA, CCP 

Owner of Innovative Rescue Solutions and PGX Solutions

Thanks John My Dad saved $400 a month. Her is in the donut hole. This really helped. Got the meds in 8 days. He may switch to this method all year. “


John Chandler …..


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