Before they, too have to run for their lives — Santino wants his family here …..

13 Oct

          At age 11 around 3:00am  Santino Nyang had to flee into the jungles of South Sudan to flee the raiding muslim soldiers who were there to kill everyone they saw and rape all of the women they could prior to killing them.  Santino does not want that for his wife of 5 years nor for his 4-year-old son or his 2-year-old daughter. 


            Santino Nyang is one of the original Lost Boys of Sudan and has worked at Fry’s Food & Drug – 40th St. & Thunderbird —  for the 14 years he has lived in Phoenix.  His brief bio in the GoFundMe link below the video explains how he has a wife and 2 young children with him having been in Phoenix for nearly 15 years.   

Every donation is as important as the other and Santino is desperate to bring his family to the safety of the United States.  With only 4,000 people each donating just $5 will get Santino to his goal.  We understand that many people are struggling, which is why I am looking to larger churches and other organizations to share this plea with their members who may want to help.  To date Santino has received nearly $5,000, so all we are looking for at this point is just 3,000 people who might like to donate just $5 each. >>>> Santino’s brief bio (including how he now has a wife and 2 young children in N. Africa. is below the video here    — Fox 10 Phoenix – September 30 at 5:30pm   — Channel 12 October 4 at 10:00pm


Thank you for anything you, your friends and your viewers can do.


John Chandler ….. 602.482.0017 …..



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