If your family were in an area being targeted by ISIS, wouldn’t you want help for them?

6 Oct

                        My friend, one of the original Lost Boys of Sudan needs our help — if just 4,000 people each donate only $5 per person he will reach his goal.  He  was on Phoenix Channel 12 News Sunday night at 10:00pm – October 4 … and Fox 10 Phoenix News did a story on Santino Nyang Wednesday, September 30 …. Maybe some of you and your friends might want to help?  All we are asking for is as little as just $5 each …






                Here is the GoFundMe link with the Video produced and directed at a small studio in Tempe by one of the Dean Martin Show’s “Golddigger Dancers” and one of her Hollywood movie editors friends edited for her at no charge = http://www.gofundme.com/stqzsk = Santino’s brief bio is below that.


                        This is not a scam … I know Santino personally because he has worked for 7 years ½ mile from my home in NE Phoenix and I sees him every week when I shops there.  Anything you and your friends can do to help will be appreciated.  We are trying to get him on one of the Fox News programs.


John Chandler …… 602.482.0017 …… johnc@chandlersearch.net




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