How do you earn more income originating the same number of loans?

2 Oct



Regional Managers, Branch Managers and LO’s earn more with this client of mine. They have a very broad portfolio, very competitive pricing and an unparalleled ops team.  My client’s stellar reputation has earned them the highest rating with investors meaning they have the fewest layers of conditions and guidelines for retail lenders in the industry.


Originating loans is not ease and getting them approved and closed gets more and more difficult by the day for Brokers and Mortgage Bankers who do not own an FDIC Bank.  Fewer restrictions, conditions and guidelines helps you be more successful with less work.  It’s time for you to take more control with your loans with a Mortgage Bank owned Bank …

Brokers and most Mortgage Bankers, in this tightened market, are having more and more trouble getting loans closed and funded.  You have layers of conditions and guidelines that have to be met by the Broker so many of their loans die in the process to comply.  Brokers are at the bottom of the “food chain” and have more conditions and guidelines to meet to get loans approved.  Mortgage Bankers are next up the food chain but still have conditions and guidelines to meet to protect the investors..  Banks OWNED BY A MORTGAGE BANKER sit in the best position with the least restrictions and guidelines to worry about.    Why originate for a Broker or Mortgage Banker where Regional, Branch Managers and LO’s fall short of earning what they are worth.  


It is time for that to change for you.  Let’s talk


My client is a $5 Billion + Mortgage Banker who recently acquired an FDIC, Federally Chartered Bank to make life simpler for everyone. Due to their volume and quality of their loans they have the best and least restrictive lending guidelines to help make it easier to get loans through ….. to help you make more money faster.


Construction Loans – 1x & 2x close … VA … FHA … GNMA … FNMA … FHLMC … Reverse … Manufactured Housing and more are all available to you as a Branch Manager or LO through my client.


It doesn’t cost anything to talk and learn more. Contact me and I will introduce you to my client. You will be glad you did.


John Chandler ….. 602.482.0017 ….

Don't look back


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