$5 from each of you and from your friends will reunite Santino with his 2 children

30 Sep

          The one employee everyone who shops at Fry’s Food – 40th St. & Thunderbird in NE Phoenix knows and who is the most well liked of all employees there, Santino Nyang, needs your help.  ONE $5 donation from each of you and from your friends will help him reach his goal.


            Santino Nyang, without question the most liked cashier at this location and is one of the original Lost Boys of Sudan, as was accurately depicted in – “The Good Lie” – starring Reese Witherspoon = http://www.thegoodliemovie.com/  (that is the link to the trailer if you have not seen the movie).


            Santino went back to Africa to visit his family in 2010 and they surprised him with an arranged marriage bride.  They now have 2 children – a boy – 4 … and a girl – almost 2 – Because of the spread of ISIS there Santino needs to bring his children here and he is asking for your help — as little as just $5 from each of you and from each of your friends.  Santino is not certain that his wife will want to come (she is extremely attached to her mother – but not so much to her children) but she is fine with Santino bringing them here.  Because Santino is a U. S. citizen, so are his children.


            Here is the GoFundMe link to Santino’s plea with his 2-minute video and his brief bio below thathttp://www.gofundme.com/stqzsk

           People may donate through GoFundMe above or stop in to see him and give him your donation personally.  Donations as of this morning are $2,505 and the goal is $20,000 … if his wife comes the legal expenses will top $7,000.


            Santino works most mornings until about 12:30pm.  He is attending Maricopa Community Colleges to get his degree in Retail Management Mondays and Wednesdays. 


             After his children are here we are going to have a HUGE party for him and and his children at Roadrunner Park to welcome them to Phoenix and EVERYONE who donates will be invited.  My goal is to be able to have him go there before Christmas and have them here by Christmas.  You can find him on Facebook, too.  I believe he is the only Santino Nyang there.


John Chandler … 602.482.0017 .. johnc@chandlersearch.net

Santino-s children



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