My friend, Santino Nyang, one of the original Lost Boys of Sudan needs your help, please

24 Sep

If only 4,000 people would donate just $5 each he could bring his 2 young children to the safety of Phoenx from N. Africa – Go Fund Me

Santino Nyang is one of the original “Lost Boys of Sudan” as accurately depicted in “The Good Lie”, starring Reese Witherspoon.  The movie is now on HBO and most likely on NetFlix — I urge you to watch it.  Santino now lives in Phoenix, AZ and works at the Fry’s Foods (a division of Kroger) near my home here.

… you can connect with him on Facebook as Santino Nyang =  =  To verify the validity of this need you may contact the manager of the Fry’s Food Store he works at in Phoenix at 40th St. & Thunderbird … the manager is Doug Roler. FRY’S FOOD AND DRUG 4025 E Thunderbird Rd Phoenix, AZ 85032 Store Phone:

(602) 953-1615

John Chandler ………. 602.482.0017 ……….

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