Mortgage Managers and LO’s = Frustrated with the broker you are with?

10 Sep

You should be.  Delays are common in the broker arena because they are dealing with the middle man who is not sure what to do to get your loans through.  These delays adversely affect your credibility and your reputation with your referral sources.  With my client you are direct and the delays are set aside so you can go write more loans.


Being an LO or a Branch Manager is not easy and I always looked for the path of least resistance when I was in loan production for nearly 10 years … let my client show you the path of least resistance in building a Region and a Branch to help loans to closing and funding and generating more income for you.

My client is a $5 Billion + Mortgage Banker who recently acquired an FDIC, Federally Chartered Bank to make life simpler for everyone. Due to their volume and quality of their loans they have the best and least restrictive lending guidelines to help make it easier to get loans through ….. to help you make more money faster.

Construction Loans – 1x & 2x close … VA … FHA … GNMA … FNMA … FHLMC … Reverse … Manufactured Housing and more are all available to you as a Branch Manager or LO through my client.

It doesn’t cost anything to talk and learn more. Contact me and I will introduce you to my client. You will be glad you did.


John Chandler …. 602.482.0017 …..

Changing the world


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