Bitter Truth for the Mortgage Industry = Banks owned by Mortgage Banks excel

24 Aug

           Being with a Mortgage Banker who has acquired an FDIC Bank will continue being more and more advantageous to mortgage companies and LO’s struggling to keep up in the market. Banks who started or acquired a mortgage bank will always be behind because banks have NO IDEA how to run a mortgage company, which is seen on a daily basis. Bank mortgage branch managers are seeing that and joining us in record numbers nationally.


            It is time to look to my client to position yourself for a strong future in the Mortgage Industry as a Branch Manager or an LO. My client funds in excess of $5 billion per year in mortgage loans that include = FNMA, FHLMC, VA, FHA, Manufactured Housing, Reverse Mortgages, 1x and 2x close construction mortgages and more. Pricing is competitive (you don’t do that volume if you are out of the market in pricing). Branch Managers find it easy to recruit top producing LO’s from banks because those LO’s don’t need any State license … only their NMLS … to originate in any State.


            LO’s are typically being paid 150 bps from the 1st loan and Branch Managers with producing teams are earning over-rides and sharing in the branch profits.   Branch Managers and LO’s with my client are finding that they are earning substantially more than they had with any other lender.


            It doesn’t cost anything to talk … and could be a huge increase in your income. What do you have to lose?


John Chandler ….. 602.482.0017 …..

Changing the world



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