Mtg. Industry REALITY CHECK ~ Are you with a Mortgage Banker who owns a Bank? You should be

20 Aug

$5 Billion Mortgage Banker recently finalized the acquisition of an FDIC, Federally Chartered Bank.  Banks are terrible at running Mortgage Companies, but a Mortgage Bank who acquires a Bank is the best of both worlds.

Changes are coming and anyone not with a Mortgage Lender who owns a bank will struggle.  Dodd-Frank was written to put any lender NOT directly with an FDIC, Federally Chartered Bank out of business.  Don’t struggle … move to success.

I am looking for Regional Sales Managers who are currently actively in the mortgage industry.  These positions are open all across the country.  Production over-rides and profit sharing with the branches will contribute to a very comfortable six-figure income for the right person.

Who do you know that I should talk with about this?

John Chandler – – – – – 602.482.0017 – – – – –

CHANGE the Plan --- NEVER the goal


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