Give your Mortgage Industry Career a MAJOR Boost

11 Aug


HIRING Mortgage LO’s and Branch Managers — Bank that pays and performs like a Mortgage Banker … my client, a $5 billion funding Mortgage Bank, recently acquired an FDIC, Federally Chartered Bank

Among the loan programs in our portfolio are 1x Close Construction Loans, Manufactured Homes, Reverse Mortgages and more.

More Closings – More Income – Makes-Sense Underwriting — Only NMLS will be Needed

My client funds $5 billion in mortgage loans.  Everything from Manufactured Housing to FHA, VA, FNMA, FHLMC, 1x Close Construction loans for buyers, Reverse Mortgages —  and more.  My Mortgage Bank client has finalized the acquisition of an FDIC, Federally Chartered Bank to expand what they can offer Mortgage Branches and Loan Officers for their borrowers.  Once the blending of both Mortgage Bank and Bank are completed only an NMLS will be required to originate loans anywhere in the U.S.  Recruiting for Branch Managers means they can recruit the best LO’s who are currently with banks because no state licensing of LO’s will be required.

In addition to FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, VA, Jumbo, Reverse Mortgages and many other loan programs they have 1x Close Construction Loans for buyers. Small to mid-sized builders have to either delay building homes for buyers or turn them away because their credit line is limited.  With my client’s 1x Close Construction Loan the buyer can get the construction loan and the builder can start much sooner to everyone’s benefit.  With a one-time close the buyer is assured having the home irrespective of what happens and the builder is assured the home will close … and closes in the name of the buyer.

If you know anyone who might be interested interested in seeing how they can increase their income and broaden their footprint they can have in the mortgage industry we should talk.

John Chandler = = 602.482.0017

Don't look back


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