Specializing in G-nome testing — the future of medicine today – 1099 Reps needed

26 Jun

I am hiring top independent Pharma and Medical reps who want to increase their income by 6-figure$ annually … WHO DO  YOU KNOW I SHOULD TALK WITH who might want to earn more to get back to what they had been earning?   We are focusing on the future of medicine today and that is G-nome testing.


Who do you know who might be Interested?


Clinical lab services is a growing market segment of modern healthcare and we only align with the best labs with the very best customer service for everyone. A lab is a lab is a lab … only customer service sets one apart from all of the others.


Toxicology, pharmacogenetic testing and compounding are standard-of-care for pain management, drug monitoring and reducing adverse drug reactions, the #4 cause of death today. We are also talking with a leading lab in another area of gnome testing and should have them on board soon.


We pride ourselves on bringing white-glove services to our clients. Through our endless dedication to innovation and detail, we can bring overwhelming value to a practice.


Add to your income through our product line. As few as 10 offices can produce $8,000 per month…35 offices can earn in the $30,000 per month range.


Add our services to your portfolio and you will be earning a 6-figure income quickly.


Want more information? It doesn’t cost anything to talk.


John Chandler ………. 602.482.0017 ………. johnc@chandlersearch.net


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