Independent Pharma & Med Device Reps — Grow your income by $8/k+/month

2 Jun

Reps who have signed up just 10 doctor’s offices have increased their income by an average of $8,000/month … those who have 40 offices are earning more than $30, 000/month.  When do you want to get started?


PGx testing is the future of medicine today and we have aligned with the lab that provides the very best customer service for our reps, the doctors, clinics and hospitals our reps will be providing services to.

In addition to PGx testing, the lab does Toxicology testing and compounding.

Reps = add to your income through our product line =. Those who have as few as just 10 offices enrolled for these tests are earning roughly $8,000 per month … with 35 offices they are earning in the $30,000 per month range.

Add to that our exclusive WellPortals system and you will be earning a 6-figure income quickly.

Want more information? It doesn’t cost anything to talk.

John Chandler ………. 602.482.0017 ……….


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