Medical Preventive Tests of the future = PGx is the coming wave that is here now

28 May

I am hiring Independent Pharma and Medical Device Reps nationally to present our lab to Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals to have them do our PGx testing, Toxicology testing and incorporate our wellness portal. The compensation is excellent based on how hard someone wants to work and how many offices they want to enroll in our testing.


RESUMES TO = …… or for more information – include your contact information


Many of the leading teaching hospitals = Mayo, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Duke University Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University Medical Center and many more routinely do routine PharmacoGenomic testing (PGx) on their patients to prevent Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) – the #4 cause of death today. More and more insurance companies are paying for the PGx testing as the medical necessity is demonstrated.


            Our Lab’s special programs for Doctor’s offices, Clinics and Hospitals, along with the unparalleled service afforded by the Lab make our team the one to join to get in on the leading edge of the PGx testing. We also have compounding available. Reps who have 30 – 40 doctor’s offices in our program are earning in the $30k/month range


            It doesn’t cost anytihng to talk … other than a few minutes … to learn more.


John Chandler




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