Mortgage Loan Officers – – – Are you doing Construction Loans?

14 May

Do you want to?


            You may know LO’s or Branch Managers I need to talk with for my client.  I am looking for branches or LO’s who know construction lending and want to expand into that arena in their area.  My client is one of the few lenders who is doing construction lending (along with all other loans) and there are people who have expertise in that area who want to get back into that lending.


            My client is currently doing the construction loans along with all other loans, including manufactured housing loans and their acquisition of an FDIC, Federally Chartered Bank should be “blessed” by the FDIC in the next week or so.  That will give them an even broader range and more clout in the residential mortgage lending arena nationally.


            I am looking for producing branches and individual LO’s to join them all across the country.  If you know of anyone I should talk with, please let me know or ask them to send their resume to me then phone me so we can discuss how they may fit into this lender’s mix.


John Chandler


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