PREVENTIVE Healthcare vs Reactive Healthcare

9 Apr

The medical profession is moving slowly to PREVENTIVE healthcare – such as PGx (PharmacoGenomic) testing.  This is basically DNA Testing which will tell your doctor your metabolic rate … if you have a LOW metabolism and you are on medications, you may very well be overdosing because your body won’t break down the medication very quickly and will still be in your system when you take the next dose and the next dose ….. if you have a HIGH metabolism your body will break down the medication before it can be absorbed into your system and will do not good for you.


Knowing your metaolism will help your doctor get your dosage right tie first time.


This testing will also let your doctor know what medications will work best for you, based on your DNA … and, more importantly, which ones to never give you because they could result in an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR), the #4 cause of death today that causes over 2 million hospitalizations annyally and causes hundreds of thousands to have to go to Emergency Rooms monthly.


Want to know more?  Send an e-mail to me with youir questions.


John Chandler

DNA - 1



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