Adverse Drug Reactions are far too common – WE CAN HELP MINIMIZE THEM

9 Feb

“Without (PharmacoGenetics) testing, neither you nor your doctor knows exactly how you’ll react to the medication. It may not work for you, or you may have serious side effects such as bleeding. You might have to try different doses — or even different medications — before finding a treatment that works for you. Pharmacogenomics speeds up that process. Before you take a single dose of medication, you can have a test to see how you’re likely to respond to the medication. “ ~Mayo Clinic   Below is a short video done by Mayo Clinic on this testing.   I have a lot more very informative information on how your doctor can start doing these tests in their practice today and get paid through insurance for doing them.  Tomorrow’s medicine today in treating patients and prescribing medications ~~~   Please watch the first 2 segments of video – about 9 minutes total – that you will find fascinating –   Contact me and  will get information to you that you can get to your doctor.  Everyone will be glad you did.   John Chandler 602.482.0017 MedX Prime - Every Doctor = Every Patient


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