Non-Invasive, Life-Saving test —– Ask your doctor to contact me for you =

29 Jan



Our PharmacoGenetics testing will tell your doctor your rate of Metabolism – does your body process everything you ingest quickly or slowly?  If your metabolism is high, then  you will need more of whatever you take in for it to benefit you …. if your metabolism is low, then the chances that you will Over-Dose on whatever you take in increases.

Our PharmacoGenetics testing will tell your doctor what medications to never prescribe … and what medications will work best for you based on your personal genetic makeup.

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) is the #4 cause of death …. 2 million people are hospitalized annually due to ADR … hundreds of thousands of people annually go to the ER due to ADR ……… This testing by  your doctor can help prevent ADR


“The current gap between current practice and that which will soon be enabled by new personalized medicine technologies could arguably mean the difference between life and death for thousands of patients per year. Physicians are likely to be hauled into court and called to account for this discrepancy unless steps are taken to provide physicians with better education and guidelines to integrate the new data and technologies into their clinical practice. The window of opportunity to act is short. Once the litigation snowball starts to roll, it will quickly become unstoppable.”

Gary E Marchant, Doug E Campos-Outcalt, Rachel A Lindor, Personalized Medicine.
John Chandler
MedX Prime - Every Doctor = Every Patient

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