Taking the “guess work” out of getting prescriptions from your doctor

23 Jan

HALO - Tomorrows Medicine TodayMost often, when prescribing medications for patients, doctors say = “Let’s try this … “.   Not very comforting words.  Then the dosage is set for the “average” person.  BUT, IS THERE an “average” person?


PharmacoGenomic Testing tells the doctor your metabolic rate — does your body break down medications quickly (so they may not have a chance to work)?  Or do you have a low metabolism (which can result in over-dosing because your body does not break down the meds at a “normal” rate) …


Our testing will also tell your doctor if your body will react negatively to a specific medication … and if there is one that is better for you that won’t end up sending you to the hospital or emergency room due to an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR).


Connect me with your doctor so your doctor can become aware of this life-saving test and begin testing all of his/her patients. ……. John Chandler ~~  johnc@chandlersearch.net … 602.482.0017


Here is what Mayo Clinic has to say = “

“Without (PharmacoGenetics) testing, neither you nor your doctor knows exactly how you’ll react to the medication. It may not work for you, or you may have serious side effects such as bleeding. You might have to try different doses — or even different medications — before finding a treatment that works for you.
Pharmacogenomics speeds up that process. Before you take a single dose of medication, you can have a test to see how you’re likely to respond to the medication. “

~Mayo Clinic


John Chandler







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