Independent Pharma & Med Device Reps – 2015 can be your year to earn EXCELLENT income

30 Dec

            I have just aligned with a company that is on the cutting edge of PharmacoGenomics testing which will increase patient safety by the doctor being better able to know in advance how a patient’s body metabolizes anything ingested and how it will react to specific meds.  This testing will save lives and money … and law suits.  AND, these tests are covered by insurance, including Medicare.  If you are not familiar with PharmacoGenomics testing, Google it and see what it is all about.


            You may know independent Pharma or Medical Device reps who I should talk with about this who would like to greatly increase their income on a residual basis.


            Just 10 of the doctors they know doing just 10 tests per month will net them roughly $7,500 per month.  More Doctor’s offices + more tests = more income.   Within 3 – 5 years every hospital and doctor’s offices will be doing these tests.


            If you know of anyone who might be interested and want to know more, please get back with me first by E-mail ASAP.  I now have only 7 open slots across the U.S. to fill and I only have time for those who are serious.  You will be as excited as I am.   I am meeting with someone tomorrow (Tuesday) who has been working directly with 300+ medical offices and is eager to lead the charge in AZ with this.  Phoenix is large enough for 2 or more reps.


            The wave of the future in treating patients and prescribing medications ~~~ Please let me know your thoughts after you have watched the videos below. 


            Watch the first 2 segments of video – about 9 minutes total – that you will find fascinating



John Chandler





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